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Pool Coping Installation, Repair and Replacement

Pool Coping Installation, Repair and Replacement Services Michigan, It’s the small details that help your swimming pool stand out from ordinary pools. One of the finishing touches of the pool and pool deck is the coping. Your choice of pool coping is a small detail that can make a big difference. Not only is pool coping one of the most important elements in the structure of your swimming pool, it is also a smart way to add texture to your pool design.


Michigan pool and spa coping maintenance advice.

Your pool’s coping sees a lot of action. All pool coping receives frequent abuse from being stepped on, jumped on, and even worn down by pool equipment that is carried in or near the pool. Over time, the prominent perimeter of your pool begins to show signs of wear. Coping tiles or stones may become loose, crack or the mortar may crumble. If ignored too long this damage can become expensive to repair and hazardous for swimmers.

What is Pool Coping?

Pool coping is the swimming pool industry’s name for the stone, concrete, or aluminum material used to cap the wall of the swimming pool shell. Coping lends a finished look to any pool or spa, provides safety, and can be made out of a variety of materials: poured in place concrete, bricks, tiles or natural stone.

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We specialize in repair and installation of the following pool coping materials:
Brick Pool Coping
Stone Pool Coping
Concrete Pool Coping
Pool Coping Protection
Pool Coping Protection
Pool coping is more than decorative edging and trim. Essential to your safety and your pool’s structural design safety, pool coping is a protective force around the perimeter of your pool or spa. High quality pool coping helps a swimming pool or spa keep its shape and allows the walls of the pool to remain straight and rigid. Pool coping protects the pool formation from water damage and protects you when you are getting in and out. Rounded smooth edges ensure that no swimmers cut themselves while swimming and provide an edge to grab a hold of when the swimmer needs to rest.

Pool Coping Repair Michigan

There are three main designs of swimming pool coping:

Rough Cut Pool Coping: Made from rough stone, rough cut pool coping has a textured edge that creates a natural look.

Rolled Edge Pool Coping: Often made from stone (granite, marble, slate), cast stone (poured concrete), or brick, this style is characterized by its upturned edge which is great for in-ground pools whose primary purpose is exercise as it gives the swimmers something to grab hold of.

Cantilever Pool Coping: Lends a modern look to your swimming pool. The main characteristic of the cantilever coping options is the classic “L” shape created from a straight design on top that runs out past the edge of the pool, then drops down a bit, forming a 90 degree angle. This gives the optical illusion that the decking material is larger or thicker and more pronounced than it actually is.

Inspect your pool coping for signs of cracking between the coping stones. When cracks occur here, water can seep through and create time‑consuming and costly repair.